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The App MindManager / Snap

Introducing the new MindManager Version 2020 a small but very helpful app (iOS and Android) is coming: MindManager Snap.

It allows to capture ideas, thoughts, to-do’s on a single application. It’s easy to use, fast and needs nearly no resources on your devices.

Even if you use your PC or smartphone you are always fully connected to your Business Maps at the end.

How it works in detail you nay read in this article on the MindManager Blog.

Getting Things Done®

Siehe Dokument(e): What is GTD – Getting Things Done®

Already in the 80s the best-selling author David Allen has written his book ‚getting things done‘.
It was an experience-based methodology to help you to improve your personal productivity.

In the meantime, it has become the absolute standard tool- and mindset for everyday productivity.

The secret of GTD

But what is the secret of the tremendous success of this approach?

The real innovation is to split up your time management process in 5 different steps.

First: Do not try to do everything at once! For example: When you take responsibility for a task in a meeting, don’t try to say „yes“ in one second, follow the discussion at the same moment and plan the task perfectly at the same time! – Instead of this just make a note!

In the GTD method, this process is called ‘capture’. You capture the idea and make sure that you write it down where it will later reappear on its own.

That’s it. Just write it down and your brain will become free from the stress to keep it in mind. As David Allen says, ‚Your mind is for having ideas, not holding them!‘

On the next opportunity CLARIFY what exactly you will do in the future. That’s step 2.

Working with MindManager / Snap means you open your MindManager software on your pc and see the snippets of thoughts captured by SNAP on the right side of the screen. All you need to do now is open the appropriate project mindmap and insert the detail in the right place. If it’s a task, you can also record here who should do it, until when and so on. You can even manage a budget here and map the dependencies to other project steps.

The next step is to find your personal rhythm to ORGANIZE all your todo’s and plan your projects. That’s step 3.

Find time regularly to REFLECT on what you have done in the past and what will be really important for you in the future. Then make conscious decisions and adjust your personal planning accordingly. That’s step 4.

And the last phase is to ENGAGE the best actions you can do in a given time. What is the best work you can do now? If you have done the first steps you will always have a perfect overview what to.

MindMaps can help you in an absolute unique way to arrange all the details of your everyday business and the tons of projects in a logical and tangible way!

Stay focused with MindManager / Snap and GTD

Now you have a fantastic tool to stay focused all the time using MindMaps for all of your stuff and CAPTURE the details on the go.

Use MindMaps for project management. You can structure all necessary steps, integrate resource planning and stay on top of things.

You have a perfect tool for working connected with others. The effect of permanently visualizing the status quo helps all stakeholders to find a common understanding and is the perfect starting point for good communication.

And now you can CAPTURE all the details on the fly. For example, you are in a meeting and your mobile is ringing. You see it’s an important partner in one of your projects. You answer the call and in 2 minutes you can find a good solution for the project. What you can do now is right after you hang up open MindManager SNAP and write down the decision you made. After 30 seconds you can directly focus on the discussion you are in and ‚forget‘ the call.

Back on your desk you open MindManager ‚et Voilà‘: there are the captured ideas, thoughts and so on which you have sent in the meantime.

Now you CLARIFY and ORGANIZE them in one step. You only have to open the matching MindMaps and integrate the ‚Snaps‘ in the right place.

You can also REFLECT for example the project plan with the new information. Do you have to rearrange the MindMap? That means to adopt the plan to the new situation.

And last but not least: Two days later you join the fellows in the project meeting and open your last revision of the project plan in MindManager. Now you can ENGAGE what should happen next, you can distribute the tasks and record all the decisions also in that file. You don’t need to write special meeting minutes you just share the link to the MindMap your colleagues.

So, you always stay focused and work concentrated – every time and everywhere!

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