Recreate not relocate – Clean up your file storage made easy with MindManager

We offer the perfect solution for MindManager users to restructure their file storage.
You can make a complete ‚map‘ of your actual storage and folder structure using the software function ‚map parts‘.
With that clear and visual map you can discuss and recreate your best working folder structure in your team.
The last step is very easy using our special folder creation tool: you only have to export your MindMap in a *.csv file and can create the complete structure of folders and every sub-folder using the tool below – no installation or anything else needed!

Feel free to try and enjoy your results!

MindMap as pdf file: 2016-08-04 recreate not relocate

MindMap file by

storage location restructuring

You can contact us for having your own version of the folder cration tool using our contact form!