7 good reasons for visual project management

project management using Mind Maps

You can download the Mind Map as mindmanager file 

The project war

Most of us have a very stressful business life. There are so many responsibilities and tasks to complete.
The secret weapon of those days are projects. They are everywhere and nobody can hide.
In that ‚war‘ the traditional project management creates a lot of work and notably over boarding bureaucracy.
In contrast the visual project management using Mind Maps helps you to keep an overview, saves time and delivers you flexible responsiveness – with a lot of fun!

Big difference between big business and what helps you to reach everyday project aims

There is a difference between the large business project and the everyday business project that you can handle with the visual PM.
But what they all have in common are the following attributes: they create something new, last a limited time, are unique, have defined resources, inherent risks and a special organization.
The benefit of visual project management (VPM) is that it is custom-made for everyday projects.
It helps you to handle all the needs with less effort: you will have better results and better flow of information!

The secret of successful projects: professional communication

Professional communication means that the exchange of information is transparent, understandable, open, goal-oriented and well structured.
To satisfy that requirement Visual Project Management must help you handle the flood of information. You must be able to absorb, process, structure and deliver information – depending on the actual situation and the different recipients.
Perfect collaboration for the whole project team that you should master brainstorming, discussions, decision making, structuring and documenting results.
For the individual member you should deliver detailed information in an easy understandable form. He must know what he has to do (tasks) and in how he has to report progress.
The Visual Project Management must be the perfect tool also for the project manager and therefore it serves the following purposes:
a) collecting, structuring and distributing information
b) capture, plan and delegate tasks
c) produce meaningful reports
The project Mind Map can provide all that. It combines different perspectives and endless possibilities of information usage!

Your valuable input – based on your concentrated focus

Our human brain is always looking for the structure within the information overflow. So we filter and evaluate constantly.
Today, one of our most important capabilities is to focus. To focus in the turbulent environment, we are all working in. That means to concentrate on one task after the other.
We must achieve a status of self-organization that makes mono-tasking possible and avoid multi-tasking!
The benefit of Visual Project Management in this context is that we need much less energy to fulfill our mission and complete many tasks – one by one.
The Mind Map technique can help us to fast focus and -much more important- fast ‚re‘-focus. Instead of start reading all the files from the beginning on we can follow the path on the Map, right to the point we must work on.
The result is faster orientation and to sum up the situation at a glance!

Every detail finds its place – building the big picture all by itself

The saving of energy is because every detail finds the way to the right place all by itself.
If your project structure is well organized as a Mind Map you can insert new information like the parts of a puzzle. There is only one place where it fits perfectly. But instead of the puzzle it’s not hard thinking to find the place, you can follow the visible path from the name of the project over the sequenced project steps to individual tasks and milestones.
And the best of this procedure: by thinking about the right location for your detail all the information find a way to your brain and memory – just without additional energy consumption.
The big picture will arise be itself!


Last but not least: good project management has always something to do with documentation.
What is our actual status? What are the next steps? Who is responsible for what?
And again: you need no further energy or work to create status reports or presentations.
Every Mind Map software offers a lot of export functions. You can export snapshots of your ‚picture‘ to a Word or PowerPoint file.
You can select different branches by clicking on them. They child branches fold or unfold. You can also filter your Map and zoom in/out. If you have exactly the section in view you need, you can print it out or make a PDF snapshot.

See how it works

Mind Mapping is a visual technique of note taking. To take account of that circumstance we made substantial efforts to show you the advantages of the method in some videos.
We apologize for any inconvenience but at the moment they are only available in German.
What you can see here is the use of only two files for planning and control a whole project. We use a so called project dashboard to collect every information – except the chronological sequence. That we develop and update on the second file that is called the structure plan.
These two files offer every view needed to run the project. You can adopt it and use it for infinite applications.